S.F.P Ceantar na nOileán

Helen Uí Dhunáird


Scéim Fostaíochta Pobail Gharumna is a D.S.P Community Employment programme based in Ceantar na nOileán and sponsored by Údarás ns Gaeltachta. This programme provides employment and training to help long-term unemployed people.

   By a return to work routine they can break their experience of unemployment and re-enter the active workforce. Participants work 39 hours over a two week period. Assistance is provided to develop their technical and personal skills whilst in the work place. Accredited training is available to participants on an individual basis.

To participate in a Community Employment scheme, you must be in receipt of certain Irish social welfare payments for a set length of time. People signing for credits or in receipt of a social welfare payment from another country are NOT eligible for these schemes. There are two options available:-

The Part-time Integration Option

This is for people aged 25 or older, in receipt of social welfare payments for a year or more, and people aged 18 or over in receipt of disability-related payments.

The Part-time Job Option

This is for people aged 35 or over, in receipt of social welfare payments for 3 years or more.
If you qualify for a community employment programme but do not wish to participate yourself, there are certain conditions under which your spouse can take your place. Certain groups such as travellers and refugees are eligible for both options.



For further details contact

Helen Uí Dhunáird on 091 551922


There are 9 work categories carried out by SFP Ceantar na nOileán:-

  • Childcare Workers
  • Caretakers
  • Administration Personnel
  • Cleaners
  • Restaurant Operatives
  • Tourist Office Personnel
  • Community Work - eg: Maintaining beaches, ensuring roadways are kept clear of overgrowth, keeping the village tidy.
  • Groundskeepers - Maintaining the areas surrounding the Churchs and schools.
  • Gardening - Helping the Elderly maintain the area around their home.

Benefits to Participants

  • Personal development and Social interaction
  • Work experience, making a contribution to the community
  • Financial benefits, paying a PRSI contribution
  • Improving existing skills, developing new ones