Ceistneoir Pleanála Teanga - Cuid a 2


The purpose of this questionnaire is for the community, young and old, to have an idea of the amenities and services available to them at the moment.

The community can view this on the website, and it will give people here and abroad the opportunity to have an input by emailing their opinion to ceantarnanoilean@eircom.net.

To download a PDF version of this form click here and post to Comhairle Ceantar na nOileánTeo, Tír an Fhia, Leitir Móir, Co. na Gaillimhe

1. Traffic on R374. Road to the Isles

    Is there a need for:

    Traffic restrictions on the bridges?        

    One way traffic, a footpath and traffic lights on the weekend and during the summer?        

    A traffic warden on weekends and during the summer?        

    Would you be happy to have a security camera on the bridges?        

2. Which stretches of road do you think most need a footpath:


3. There is one Guard based in the area, do you think a second is needed?


    To reduce speeding cars     Crime control     To give security advice    

4. Do you feel safe at home?


    Do you have a personal alarm?        

    Do you have an emergency contact?        

    Do you have your neighbour's number?        

    Is there a need for a community alert group?        

    Would you be happy to be visited regularly by someone you know?        

    Would you be happy to attend events by Coiste Aosach na nOileán?



5. Do you have a home help that visits you?


    Will you need home help?        


6. Would you be happy to spend some time regularly with close family and friends discussing:

    The way life used to be        

    Local culture and heritage        

    Enrichment of the language        

    Local place names        


7. Are you happy with the Doctors/Nurses/Ambulance service?

    1. In the Health Centre        

    2. Outside of office hours        

    3. In an emergency,a sudden illness or accident        


8. Where would you prefer to spend your golden years?





9. If you are a registered owner and have a folio number, have you made a will/property transfer?


10. Do you have the following rights to your land holding?







11. What is your land most used for?






12. Are there any traditional trades in the family?







Are you happy to share that trade if provided with a suitable place?    

13. Are you happy with the broadband in your area?


14. Which tasks do you think are most important for the different social employment schemes to focus on?
Choose from 1 to 6, 1 being the most important.


15. Would your household be willing to contribute material/equipment or funding for essential works in your own area in the absence of state funding?


16. Do you keep Irish students during the summer?


    Would you like to keeps Irish students?     In the summer     Throughout the year

    Are you interested in renting a room(s) or supply accomodation to adult Irish learners?


17. Will your household encourage the use of the Irish language for generations to come?


18. Will your family have housing needs soon? How will you solve this?


19. The County Council have land in Lettermore. Would you be happy for them to develop

    A housing estate (8-10 houses)

    Develop a camp site/Caravan park

    Develop a childrens play ground

    Developed by the County Council     Developed by a community organisation

20.Which of these sites is most appropriate for a childrens play ground?

    Beside Lettermore national school

    Beside Lettermore graveyard     Beside the pitch

21. How could the pitch at Lettermore be improved?




22. Would you send your family to regular after school classes on culture, heritage and local traditions as well as guided tours of specific places of interest?