Walk 2.

Around Garumna Island.

From the Church in Lettermore go across the bridge and you will be on Garumna Island. Follow the road for 1.4km/17minutes. You will pass Maumeen Pier, Maumeen Pitch, An Chlúid (Restaurant), and factories. You'll come to a crossroad. Turn to your left. After 1.5km/18minutes you'll come to a turning on your left leading down to the shore. Follow this for 400km/5minutes. You will be on the shoreline, turn right. Walk along the shore. After 300km/4minutes you will come to a small beach and a road leading up to the main road. Stay on the shoreline. After 250km/3minutes you will see the walls of an old church. After 900km/11minutes you will come to Derreendarragh Pier. After this is the old shore road to Céibh an Chaisleáin (pier) 1.7km/21minutes. A while after the pier a bit of the walkway is damaged by the sea, you will be walking on shingle. Now you come to a road at the pier, turn left and remain on the road.

After 150km/2minutes there's a sharp left turn. After this turn, there is a walkway up to the right hand side. Follow this walkway. After 700km/9minutes you will see houses and the road. Follow the road, after 600km/8minutes you'll come to a T-junction. Turn left. After 220km/2.5minutes, take the small road going up to the right hand side. Turn left again after 50km or so and again after another 30km. Follow on here for a good 700km, go straight on this road. If you look to your right you will see Céibh Chaladh na Leic. Be careful at the intersection for 30km to take into account the small stream on the way out from the pier. Turn right then and stay on the road for a good 700km/9minutes. You will come to a T-junction, turn left. You will be walking beside Loch Bhaile na Cille (Ballinakill Lake), a quiet road with stone walls, flora, fauna and tranquillity. After 400km/5minutes you will come to a Graveyard and the restored walls of an old Church. After 600km/7minutes you will come to a T-junction, turn right. After 600km/7minutes you will come to the main road. Go straight across the road to Bothár an Chnoic (Knock Road). You will be walking high above the sea and the view is great up at Chuan an Mhuilinn (Mill Bay). Currach races and sail boat races are held here during the summer.

After 3km/36minutes you are at the northerly corner of the Island and 30m above the sea. Looking north you will see Oileán Iarthnach (Rock Island) and Inis Bearachain (Inishbarra). Stay on this road for a good 2.5km/30minutes until you come to Céibh Ghleann Trasna (pier). If you go down to the shore here, you will see a walkway heading eastwards. Follow this, after 1.1km/13minutes you will be back on the main road, the R374. Take a left turn, after 1.9km/23minutes you will be back at the bridge where you started.
You are after walking around the Island


Distance: 19.85Km
Time: 4 hours
Category: Easy